Construction Monitoring & Assessment Reviews in Boca Raton, FL

Zimmer Construction Consultants, P.A. is the name you can trust for all commercial construction loan monitoring in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and Pompano Beach, FL. We provide timely site assessments and payment recommendations to verify claimed progress costs correctly reflect Draw Requests, while monitoring quality and workmanship practices at the development sites.

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Construction Advisory Services

Our staff includes personnel with a wealth of construction project and loan administration review services, making the ZCC Team your trusted experts for construction/development assessments. We evaluate, advise and recommend actions to help ensure the success of your project.

Our evaluation services cover a wide range from conceptual plan review to punch list formulation. We’re pleased to provide performance construction monitoring and progress payment recommendations to support completion progress.

Pre-Closing Plan and Cost Reviews

Pre-Closing Plan and Cost Reviews (PRVs) are an important component of commercial construction loan administration. We use a ZCC proprietary, historical Construction Cost Database, assembled from successful projects we’ve analyzed and monitored over the past 35 years. As an important part of the review, we select similar project cost samples to evaluate and compare your project’s calculated unit costs, for major and specific work categories.

We provide written recommendations in narrative-style, easy-to-read construction assessment reviews and pre-building reports, written in layman’s terms. It’s our goal to remove the mystery of construction lingo and complexities, and provide useful information to our Lender clients.

Evaluating plans for completeness
Contract Agreements for appropriateness and essential information
Reviewing soils reports for site suitability and foundation design recommendations
Analyzing Construction Cost Breakdowns for sufficiency

Our staff responds quickly, often within a few working days of receiving a Payment Request, to provide Project Status Reports (PSRs) that you can rely on. We perform site visits to assess construction projects and issue Contractor Draw Payment recommendations.

While at the project, we evaluate the level of each work category, for progress completion, and compare our assessment to the Contractor’s Payment Request. We promptly provide a one-page summary Draw Recommendation, containing helpful and pertinent commentary that is emailed to the Lender. Our full narrative-style report, containing captioned, color pictures taken during the inspection walk-thru, is followed up to the Lender, usually within a week.

We recognize that time is of the essence, in the construction industry, so we work quickly to verify quality of work and conformance with Plans, to keep your project on the right track.

Condition Assessment Reviews

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Zimmer Construction Consulting, P.A. is the name you can trust for comprehensive construction and condition assessment reviews. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every construction project, offering ongoing support to our clients.

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Condition Assessment Reviews (CARs)

Our field staff has years of experience providing reliable condition assessment reviews in South and Central Florida. We examine and evaluate existing properties, anticipating transfer or refinance, identifying components that may require repair/replacement attention. Our comprehensive construction assessment reviews for the property include a written report containing descriptive captioned photographs, along with a cost estimate range to accomplish recommended building category repairs or component replacements.

Our team’s resume covers nearly all types and sizes of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. We can assess Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards for commercial projects, and we base all reports on ASTM-2018 Baseline Property Condition Assessments guidelines.

Your Go-To Advisor

Zimmer Construction Consultants, P.A. is proud to be your go-to advisor, providing highly responsive and accurate project assessment information and commercial construction loan monitoring to Florida’s Construction Lending Community.
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